S A M A N T H A  C H O N G



Due to the recent outbreak of Corona Virus/COVID 19 pandemic, our boutique on Mathew Street will be closed to the public for the foreseeable future although our online boutique will remain OPEN and OPERATIVE as usual for now, albeit with possible delays depending on how the situation unfolds. 

For your reassurance, my studio has always maintained high levels of hygiene and cleanliness and these will undoubtedly be upheld and reinforced during this time. With surfaces and equipment routinely sanitised with antibacterial, following the guidance of the government and WHO. 

It is a very uncertain time right now for everyone, not just for business owners. Whether you're worried about your own work situation, health or about your friends and family circumstances.


After being in business for 13 years, this is the first time I've been worried about the future of my business and brand that I've worked so hard to build over all these years.  For obvious reasons people will not be socialising and so in turn will not be needing outfits and so for businesses such as mine this is going to be difficult. 

To hopefully bridge this time, there is now a gift voucher you can purchase to help to support us through this tough time.  It can be used now or at any later date, with an extra 20% of the value of the voucher you purchased as a good will gesture:

£25 - +£5

£50 - +£10

£75 - +£18.75

£100 - +£20

Any help at this time is gratefully appreciated.

You can use it yourself, or gift it to someone else.  Once purchased, there is no time limit to use it and the order is made by simply emailing to:

Future Extended Returns Policy

For now, there will be an open ended returns policy from today (17th March 2020) but please, it is mandatory that if you are displaying any symptoms that you do not return your order for risk of spreading the virus for when it is unboxed/handled in the studio.   

I'm so very grateful for everyones custom over the years and I'm so hoping that we can resume normal life as quickly as possible - please stay safe. 

Love Sam xxx